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Wild Fire Pt. 2
Hain looked to Lethe excitedly before returning his gaze back to Tsorrid in total awe. The royal drake did not share this excitement, instead sneering at the two. Hain wasted no more time, bowing before the royal to show his loyaty. Tsorrid then set his gaze upon Lethe, who wore the form of a drake but was nothing of the sort. his eyes judged the entity with disgust and a dominating sense of superiority. The drakes very presence created an atmosphere which called for total submission to him.
For a brief moment the Entity watched, Taking a step back as hain put a hand upon its form more as a gesture then a result of the push the drake had given, its stance and its solidity notibly solid even under the drakes hand. But still it moved, Respecting his wish for it to do so. 
As it watched the form of the old Royal appear in the flames the turned to look at hain in his excitement as he looked it at, nodding, not able to express its being pleased at his success, but able to physically ac
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2AW: A Phantoms Flight Part 1
Baefen System: Joint EPA-CDG Space
A flash. That’s all it was, brief and small but it was still there. Space returned to normal seconds after.
The FTL jump had emitted faint readings, but then no FTL translation could ever be completely stealthy. The bridge was completely unlike most vessels, only 10 people sat in near total darkness, each surrounded by a circle of bright green holoscreen each displaying huge amounts of data that streamed in from the passive sensor systems, and would more than triple when active was engaged.
Each of these individuals wore black bodysuits, their faces covered by multi lensed masks which gave an eerie alien feel to the bridge as their fingers each connected to wires traced arcs around the holoscreen, their spines also running with wires into the large ports behind them. Only one on the bridge was not fully plugged in, sat in a horizontal laid chair at the top of the bridge Ferinarzas eyes rapidly blinked back and forth, the large neural plug
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Wild Fire Pt.1
Hain could barely keep his excitement at the sight before him in the cleared out, nearly empty room, truly this was historic on so many levels to him and his kind. He could only gaze in absolute awe at the containment cell which contained his prize, so carefully delivered to his compound on Father's Crook. The light from the ceiling reflected off of his prize and shined its glory  across the chamber, casting its red glow to the walls of the cell and making the gem itself flicker like a burning flame. Hain couldn't take his eyes off that soulshard, it was his new pride and joy. He was tempted then and there to reach out and touch it but feared that might be disrespectful. The zealots who had brought him his new treasure waited patiently by his side, they too fascinated by their prize but waiting for their master's orders.
"Have you ever seen something so beautiful, boys? I know you organics like shiny things, but do you have any idea just how wonderful this is?" Hain said to them w
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You may start!
All members,
You may all start Roleplaying! And, remember since it is a single planet with history, everyone should already know each other. Meaning [No First Contacts], but, working out a trade deal would probably be a great idea because we will have a resource function meaning if you need a resource, that means you have to trade with someone who has that resource!
Other than that, the Caesulen Empire which the storyline lays upon has an Alliance group and if you wish to be a part of it just message me, via skype or on the Notes here.
Now, get to Roleplaying! And, remember have Fun!
PS. If you have any additional questions ask me, and also the Admin Elections is right around the corner!
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10 facts # 1 (The Infernui)
1. In the Tenebrean universe, The Infernui are one of the oldest known races next to the Temporians. While it is known their civilization ended over two million years ago, the founding of their enclaves occurred over 12 million years prior.
2. The Infernui were not an organic race. Roughly similar to the Temporians, they appeared to have been ley-line based energy beings that over time developed the ability to manipulate and shape physical matter around themselves.
3. The Infernui are known to have created or developed the Bizarre obsidian like material known as Nightstone. An ultra hard and Shapeshifting phasic crystal that allowed them to form complex and multi segmented structures and forms. Such as bodies, cities, and ships for themselves at will.
4. Nightstone is an extremely durable material and apparent sub atomic crystal computer base, being able to remain empowered for some million or so years, giving Infernui ruins notable longevity. Once nightstone passes its half life and b
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Hanzo by miova Hanzo :iconmiova:miova 454 25 2AW 3rd Battle for Tau Volaris: Watching by EmperorMyric 2AW 3rd Battle for Tau Volaris: Watching :iconemperormyric:EmperorMyric 9 0 2AW 3rd Battle for Tau Volaris: Sensor Field by EmperorMyric 2AW 3rd Battle for Tau Volaris: Sensor Field :iconemperormyric:EmperorMyric 8 0 2AW 3rd Battle for Tau Volaris: Invasion by EmperorMyric 2AW 3rd Battle for Tau Volaris: Invasion :iconemperormyric:EmperorMyric 10 3
2AW: A Phantoms Flight
Baefen System: Joint EPA-CDG Space
A flash. That’s all it was, brief and small but it was still there. Space returned to normal seconds after.
The FTL jump had emitted faint readings, but then no FTL translation could ever be completely stealthy. The bridge was completely unlike most vessels, only 10 people sat in near total darkness, each surrounded by a circle of bright green holoscreen each displaying huge amounts of data that streamed in from the passive sensor systems, and would more than triple when active was engaged.
Each of these individuals wore black bodysuits, their faces covered by multi lensed masks which gave an eerie alien feel to the bridge as their fingers each connected to wires traced arcs around the holoscreen, their spines also running with wires into the large ports behind them. Only one on the bridge was not fully plugged in, sat in a horizontal laid chair at the top of the bridge Ferinarzas eyes rapidly blinked back and forth, the large neural plug
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Grand Exemplar Tyrandis by EmperorMyric Grand Exemplar Tyrandis :iconemperormyric:EmperorMyric 14 16
A Demons Return
Pavonis Prime Command Orbital: Union Space
The darkness receded once again, this time there was no horrific surprise of Toxin mid travel. Only the clean and smooth interior of a starship, or what appeared to be a starship.
"We are here now, you are safe" Sotek smiled as he released her, the tendrils of darkness disappearing as he looked around "We are on the Union command orbital above Pavonis Prime, one of the safest places we could be"
In front of him so Faith just stood there her hands on his chest as she hid her face the sounds of her softly crying trying to not show it she was hurting the thought of her king gone and her friends gone as well the fact her brother had finally taken what he wanted and her...feeling she had failed not only her friends but her home and family as well.
She didn't even show signs of moving to look at the ship she just let her head down, her face covered in shadows that hid her face and tears the pain she was feeling got to her she believed her bro
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Wandal. by Notesz Wandal. :iconnotesz:Notesz 98 7 Villain Character Design by Zummeng Villain Character Design :iconzummeng:Zummeng 205 11 D.N.A. Tavrouis by Dark-sontheWolf137 D.N.A. Tavrouis :icondark-sonthewolf137:Dark-sontheWolf137 4 0
so much work, be sure to check them out!


406 deviations
Name of Nation: Drachenlain
Date of Founding: scouted 840 A.D. earth time. Established 1934 A.D. earth time.

Flag: American flag

Motto: non revertetur, et vigemusque

Capital: New York

Largest City: New York

Official Languages: English

National Languages: more learning that teaching…

Government: Monarchy

Main rulers and people of power: High Queen Circe, Elders, Lords.

Military Branches: Various guards and officials with no recognizable structure in human history. One of the various secrets of the nation. otherwise, seemingly all civilians going about their daily lives.

Currency: Unknown

History: Unknown

Optional: Just appeared one day in full form, hidden along the coast.

Anthem: none

Affiliations: none

Any final things that we should know about your country: All citizens and officials wear various masks, obscuring their features. The country is secretive but does allow visitors.
Mammon And Brutus
The two of them together! and...I guess in time for pride month....???


:thumb616073979:… :thumb560963110:…

I hope you guys enjoy! comments are always appreciated!

Mammon and Brutus (c) Aaron Hill
Mammon's personal bodyguard, tailor, hunter, most devoted worshipper. The two are never far apart, although the same could not be said for their personalities as they are easily polar opposites. while Mammon is chatty, friendly, and attention craving, Butus is quiet, sullen, and more interested in letting his lord have the limelight.
Brutus is not without his own pride however, as he is a proud big game hunter. Many a ferocious mythical beast has fallen to him and become a part of him and his fashion sense. Thanks to a mighty, and divine blessing to him, Brutus is able to assimilate other living things into his own body gaining its abilities and features. His body is a living trophy room of all the monsters he's ever slain, and every one of them is at his beck and call. His self modification has made him more than worthy of protecting a draconian god, and while not a divine being himself, he could easily defeat almost any threat presented to him, even a full blooded deity. The only downside is his identity as a drake is long since forgotten, his element long overshadowed by the abilities he's acquired from his prey. It was Brutus who gave Mammon his favorite coat as a gesture of his devotion to him, made of some of the most rare and exotic monsters humanity has ever known. Ever since, Mammon has loved Brutus like no other, and while Brutus himself might not show it, he loves Mammon just as much.

Brutus (c) Aaron Hill

comments are always appreciated!
Said to be born directly from the blood of Jormundgand himself, Wyverns are a foul and destructive draconic species which plague the land and sky, rendering vast swathes of land uninhabitable for most living things purely because of these creatures' voracious appetites.
Wyverns are highly adaptive to their environments. Born translucent, as they grow they develop colors and even textures based on their environments which allow them to perfectly camouflage themselves to their territory. Their varieties of colors make many of them quite beautiful and very popular among hunters and rare beast collectors, but pursuing a Wyvern for any reason other than extermination is a fool's errand. Wyverns are one of the most toxic draconic species in all of the drake lands, with a supernatural venom capable of even killing a drake should it get enough into their systems. Like most draconic species, the Wyvern is capable of some form of fire breath, though much too short and weak a blast to do any real harm, it is more likely a warning than a true defense. The real weapon is the Wyvern's breath itself, as they are capable of launching a toxic cloud several dozen meters ahead of it, a single breath of which is capable of killing whole herds of elephants and the plant-life around them.
Their venom is necrotic, causing the flesh it's injected into to decay at an accelerated rate while also, interestingly enough, literally set blood on fire. There are few survivors of a wyvern's venom,they are all drakes, and none of them are physically capable of discussing the experience.
Wyverns are gluttony manifest, capable of eating until they are incapable of even the most basic movement. Whole villages of humans and entire fields of livestock have gone missing within a single day due to wyvern attacks, meaning a single wyvern getting loose is a top priority among the drakes, as once a wyvern has tasted the flesh of a human they become incapable of stopping. A single drop of wyvern blood upon the ground will kill the soil and plant-life that grows from it, rendering the land incapable of supporting life.
Lacking the extreme intelligence of true dragons, Wyverns still possess a brain on par with a 4 year old child, allowing for basic problem solving and interactions. They are however one of the few truly malevolent draconic races. Wyverns are revered by worshippers of Jormundgand, who they see as his children. They are highly territorial meaning it is only ever a single wyvern in an area at a time spreading for hundreds of miles, the only time this is not the case is when mating, though this period is brief, as once the process is complete, the male will attempt to eat the female if she does not leave in time.
They are like birds of prey in flight, but on the ground they are far more serpentine, almost slithering along the ground as they hunt and rest. Wyverns are capabe of reaching speeds up to 120 km/h on land. In the air they are capable of speeds nearing 400km/h.

I hope you guys enjoy the new beast. there are more to come as well as a colored version. please comment!

Wyvern (c) Aaron Hill
As the title says, I am now able to accept commissions. Anyone interested in commissioning me just send me a note and we can discuss the details there.
prices are:
$5.00 for a sketch or basic designs:

CDG  Crusader full body WIP by Sorteagan Draconian Kraken by Sorteagan  And Here We Are Again by SorteaganNaga's wings by Sorteagan
Sketches will be completed images although not as cleaned up, with sketches I can draw more within the image as well as add more detail, sketches are also the fastest commissions I can provide. Sketches will usually be given to you within the day you pay for it. Like with all my work for others though, I will consult you as I draw the sketch to ensure you get exactly what you desire and as you want it within the price range. Just because its a sketch doesnt mean I wont put as much effort as I can into it. This section will now also include symbols, shapes, and basically anything that doesnt qualify as a person, place or animal.

$10.00 for a portrait:

Lord Phobos Portrait by Sorteagan
Any character of any species, cleaned up and full detail. Otherwise self explanatory.

$15.00 for full line art:

Mammon by Sorteagan Devastinian Line Art by SorteaganAngel of Hope by YarkarioLu High King Tsorrid by Sorteagan Liolus by Sorteagan Theo by Sorteagan CDG Choir Boy by Sorteagan Fenris by Sorteagan Jormundgand by Sorteagan
With line art I can provide a full character design, cleaned up and ready for any future coloring or references you may desire. like sketches, you will be consulted with often to make sure you get the desired image. Line art depicting multiple characters will require an additional $5.00 per extra character. specific landscapes will also cost an additional $5.00. This applies to full color images as well.

$25.00 for full color:

Nagaetros by Sorteagan Apophis by Sorteagan Sotek Commision by EmperorMyric Mammon Human form by Sorteagan Metrobot Medic by Soundwave3591 Ky by theWolfdragon21 Tyco by theWolfdragon21 Eustes Niman State Representative Of Capitol by EmperorMyric Kane Folare 'Destro' Triarchs Bodyguard by EmperorMyric John Triarch by EmperorMyric Grand Admiral Raxis Ortagian by EmperorMyric Illian Irakis Grand Commissar Of Capitol by EmperorMyricCDG-Carrier-Dreadnaught by Sorteagan

Like with all other commissions I will consult with you and use any references to provide to make sure your money is well spent. With colored images I will update you on the image's progress through its stages, making any requested alterations you may want me to do. Digital work is available at no extra cost, but details will have to be discussed via private message on how that will work out.


I need to be paid before I begin on the commission. if money is a problem then we can discuss how we can do things via notes.
2. I only use and accept payments via Paypal.
3. I will draw anything you want, except pornography. I have no problem with nudity, but I wont do X-rated work.
4. you have my guarantee that once Ive been paid you will get your commission soon after. If for any reason I am unable to complete my part of the deal then I will happily provide a refund, but this is an unlikely situation as usually I just need time to handle the work or deal with IRL issues.
5. you have my permission to upload the commission on your profile so long as you give me credit for doing the actual work. I make no claim to ownership of the characters I draw unless they are actually my own.
6. If any problems arise on your side of the deal, just send me a note and we can discuss it there.
7. If you have already commissioned an image but would like that image updated or colored then all you will have to do is pay the difference of the prices.

For note: Obviously I specialize in character designs but I am capable of other works as well including:comics, weapon design, scenes, vehicles, landscapes, and buildings. Anything not on the list is open for discussion and a price to be decided upon.
 art trades will continue as normal .
Thank you all for taking the time to read this, I hope you will enjoy working with me as much as I will enjoy working with you!
1. a drake's blood is magic in liquid form and is colored based on the element of the drake it belongs to. like the rest of their body it is not organic, and when spilled it takes on a more multicolored, liquid opal-like spectrum of colors. this is said to happen because the magic is reacting to the elements around it.

2. it is important when killing a drake to make it fast. in their final moments a drake can place their most deadly and crippling curses on their slayer or slayers if given the time. without the proper defenses against it, this is one of the most damning things they can do, especially if it is their last.

3. the most effective and easiest way of killing a drake, decapitation, is so effective not because of the severing of their brain from their body, but because their blood will spill out quickest in this way. they can survive almost any other damage so long as they have their blood coursing through their soulshards, the less blood they have, the weaker they are and with no blood they are totally lifeless. keep in mind, they are alive until their blood runs out and they can still move until that point, both their head and body are able to work autonomously in this time, this is why some of the more capable might prefer to destroy the soulshard directly.

4. the best way to prevent a drake from simply teleporting away is to physically bind it with something or hold it in place. drake prisoners are given special chest plates which prevent such attempts by compressing around their soulshard. this method also, as an added bonus, limits their magical ability to bare necessities and leaving them to their own body's natural abilities.

5. ice drakes have very addictive personalities by nature, specifically in what they eat. they are almost strictly carnivores, but if they eat the same meat long enough they begin to crave more, meaning they can never have the same meal more than a few times in a row before they become addicted to eating meat in general. at its unrestrained peak this nature has lead to many issues with the human world and other drakes because it often resulted in the more rebellious ice drakes to indulge in forms of cannibalism and craving human flesh. this has lead to many treating them like savage beasts and creating several severe social stigmas against them.

6. a lesser known and more embarrassing weakness drakes possess is that they are actually incredibly shy when presented with nudity and sexuality. when drakes see sex and/or nudity they have the habit of disappearing back to wherever they feel safe. this has been used against them before by humans centuries ago to clear them from a village. this gymnophobia is extremely common among them, but some of the stronger willed drakes will be able to tough it out until they've done what they need to.

7. while all drakes follow the drake king and respect his rule, the actions of individual drakes are rarely controlled by the king or his rules unless they are severe enough. unless they break one of their own laws they are allowed to go and do whatever they please, meaning the actual unity of the drake empire is very lax and casual unless in times of need, where they are quick to mobilize. it is a very "live and let live" idea behind their society.

8. currently, drakes are unevenly split on how to handle other, organic races, humans in particular. some believe humans are allies and friends, some see humans and other races as totally insignificant. these ideas reflect on their ideas of how to handle earth, with the latter wanting to reclaim it as their home world, start a new empire with drakes as master of all they see, the former happy with living alongside humans on their new world. the drake "supremacists" are a minority, but the way of thinking is not a new one and holds strong in their culture with no sign of being even close to dying.  even if it is a new generation the old ways always return in some form, only further proof that the drakes' history will always haunt them.

9. crimes by these drake supremacists are one of the most common crimes that are acted upon by the royal family immediately on discovery. one more severe example was of a young royal  lightning drake who had enslaved a small village of people in the early 1800's. he ruled over them through fear and abuse and made them worship him as a god. he justified it as doing what he was made to do as a drake, citing the old empire for example. when he was found out he was tried for his crimes and beheaded by order of the queen for his irreparable damage to the humans he controlled.

10. many drakes see the draconian as punishment for their old ways and their society's greatest sins. noting how each draconian embodies an identifying sin or crime by the drake race as a whole that was common at the time they appeared. they see the first three draconian being the punishments for the old empire and the time when they were rebuilding. the later four being their own creations as they grew accustomed to their new empire for three and a half million years. others often point out how draconian are always drakes and never anything else, and how the draconian is usually a victim of their time. this is all speculation and theory on their part as they are not truly aware of the cause of draconian appearing or why theyre here.

hey guys, sorry it's been so long since my last facts list. it's been a busy and stressful several months but hopefully I can return to more regular updates now that all of that is behind me. I'm going to try to make more lists regularly like old times as well as my commissions and art trades. dont worry, I havent forgotten any of them..

I hope you guys enjoyed the new facts. feel free to ask any questions you want and comment!


Aaron Hill
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
friends and allies of the drake empire



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